mercredi 27 février 2013



                                                              by Steven Spielberg


As a homework, the European Section had to go and see the movie Lincoln.
This film is about the abolition of slavery in the United States. It shows how President Abraham Lincoln fought and worked to abolish slavery. It happened during the Civil War, which was the war between the northern and the southern states.

We think this film is too long and sometimes a bit complicated for young people like us. But it is also very interesting, and we learnt many things about American history, so it's good for our general knowledge. 

Abraham Lincoln is a  very touching character and Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar for this role! 
There are several very moving* scenes and the pictures are beautiful, just like the music.

Conclusion:  A very good film but you must not go and see it if you are too young, because it is hard to understand. But if you like history, don't miss it! And Daniel Day-Lewis is the best actor ever!


Conclusion:  A very good film but you must not go and see it if you are too young, because it is hard to understand. But if you like history, don't miss it! And Daniel Day-Lewis is the best actor ever!

moving= émouvant
                                                                                                                           4e Section Européenne

lundi 25 février 2013

Interview de M. Rubio, principal du collège

Fête du 20 décembre 2012

Jeudi 20 décembre 2012 la fête de Noël du collège a eu lieu. 

M. Rubio a accueilli les familles, les élèves et leurs parents: il a fait un discours et il a présenté le planning de la soirée. Les 6èmes A,B et C ont interprété deux chansons: "Hijo de la luna " et "Trust in me".  

Discours par M. Rubio:


                                                     "L'INTRODUCTION" par Céleste:

                                                    Hijo de la luna par les 6èmes C, B et A:


                                               Jeanne L. au piano: Hijo de la luna.

                                                                      Les 5èmes

Les 6èmes D : 3 petites notes de musique

Mme Guisnet fait une petite révérence:

                                                                            Le théâtre

                                                                   Le double dutch:

Les 6èmes B

Cours de grammaire en musique et en anglais par les 6èmes B et D:  

La 4ème section Européenne chante " Let it snow!":

Et voilà, nous espérons que ça vous a plu!!!

                     Manon, Muse et  Jeanne, 6e

Le mur de l'info semaine du 25 février au 1 mars



Cette semaine, il y a :

- Une sortie des 4èmes D les 25 fevrier et 26 fevrier à l'Opéra comique,

- Les 3èmes auront  le 28 février  la visite du planning familial

Bonnes Vacances !!!

Attention : dès la rentrée, les conseils de classe  débutent!

jeudi 21 février 2013

La 4e section européenne à Londres


We are the  4e "European Section".  

We were very lucky to participate to a trip to London for 2 days in December, with Mr Nouvet and Miss Havas. 

We had the pleasure to see many things and this was a memorable moment. Stay with us for an English experience! 

                                                                                                    Kamil and Wassim

The underground

In London, we took the underground several times.
The teacher told us that this underground was the first underground to be built                                            in the world !!! We were very surprised.  
A group of students played guides and it was very funny !
The ticket doen't look like the French one: it is bigger and pink on the other side. 
This underground is very small but it's cute and we had a good time in it.

                                                                                                                       Joyce and Angelica    

Lunch at Leicester Square. Sunny, isn't it?


We wern't on holiday: we had a lot of work to do : information to gather, questions to ask, solutions to find and photos to take!

So we asked people in the street to help us. 

In English of course!

Big Ben

During the visit of London with our class we saw Big Ben.
Big Ben is a famous clock tower, located in the center of London, and next to the Thames and the Parliament. Big Ben is a symbol for London, so with our group we shouted when we saw it, and we took loads of photos, it was funny!  We saw it just for a minute but it was a perfect moment and we will never forget it. Our dream to see this popular monument had just come true!
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mélissa and Miya  

The London Eye

 We saw the London Eye which is situated on the banks* of the River Thames: it is very big and beautiful. We were very happy because we all got into the same cabin for a tour. 


We had a wonderful view when we were at the top: we could see most of London's monuments and we saw an open air ice-rink.  We were amazed!!!

The teacher asked us how many bridges we think there are on the Thames and we all gave lots of numbers at random*, it was funny!

We took lots of photos and there were some digital touch tablet with information about the monuments we could see.
                                                                                        Angelica and Joyce
* bank = rive
amazed : stupéfait
at random : au hasard

                               Dunraven School


In London, we were invited to visit a school: Dunraven.

Dunraven is a very big school with students aged from 11 to 18. Of 
course, they wear a uniform: a blue one with a yellow emblem.

First, we met in a classroom to make a quiz about Paris and London with our pen friends. 


After that, we visited the school and went to different classes.

Lucky ones, they have cooking lessons too!
Delicious "mince pies"

 I went to a English class and I didn’t understand anything J !

an art class

the gym

Then, we interviewed the sixth form students. The sixth form are the students who are preparing the A- Level (=baccalauréat). They don’t have to wear uniforms! They have special badges to go to their classrooms, where other students can't go!

We helped them with their French homework. 


Then we interviewed them in English! 

Finally, we had lunch in a classroom with our pen friends. It was very funny but we also spoke a lot of English!


            Harrods is a very big shop in London created in 1849.This shop is very famous all over the world. In the shops there are many floors and every floor has a special theme...

            In Harrods, there is a very big food’s hall known all over the world. Over there, we can admire the mosaics on the wall, on the ground and on the ceiling*.
There are some Harrods products but other brands too (coca cola...)
 We went to Harrods just before Christmas in the evening so the front was illuminated and the lights were sparkling* and everything was very lovely.
          Harrod’s windows were very beautifull too.
They represent all the different Wall Disney's princesses.

                            We especially liked Cendrillon’s pink dress and Snow White’s golden dress.  Lots of people stopped in front of these windows to look at them.

We really liked this department store* but we didn’t buy anything because it was very expensive!

*Ceiling = plafond
*Sparkling= étincelant 
*department store = grand magasin

                                                                                         Marie et Lucile  

                       The Youth Hostel

When we were in London, we spent one night in a youth hostel close to Picadilly Circus.

It was next to a theater, and when we where there, there was a Spice Girls concert! 

In the hostel, there were people from a lot of different countries. It's a big, very colourful hostel: there are lots of paintings on the walls, the design is a bit strange but funny. 

After a long day in London, we had chicken and French fries for dinner at the hostel, then we prepared our beds. After that, we had a walk to see London by night.

The next day, we had an English breakfast at the hostel: bacon, tomatoes, beans, eggs, and tea of course! It was delicious! 

We really enjoyed this moment in London. 

                                                                                                Anouk, Anaïs, Célia and Annah

               The M&M's  store

When we went in London,  we immediately paid a visit to the best store in the wooorld : The M&M’s center !!!

 This was in a beautiful place, with a big T.V. screen.     

The M&M’s center has a very cool architecture: glass walls with lightning everywhere.

When we got in we could even see a double decker !


 The smell was delicious and sweet ! There were 3 floors: 

1*:  on the ground floors, many T-shirt, cups, golf balls and some picks with the face of M&M’s !!! The distributors were hanging on the wall, there was a flag of England made in M&M’s !!!

2*: on the first floor, there are cameras overlooking the whole store and lots of paintings of M&M's as if they were kings and queens... Funny!

3*: on  the basement there were M&M’s characters 
pretending to be the Beatles !!!

The whole store was tremendous !!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                               

                                                                                            Marie, Anastasia and William

Being in London all together was fabulous. We were so excited to be in England! For most of us it was the first time. 
London is a great city and visiting an English school was magic for us. The school is big and beautiful...
The first day we walked in this big city and we felt free, because we had to find our own way, we had responsibilities... 
                                                                                                   Zoé and Alice                               
Can you name those places?